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Novaris Services

A full service remodeling and construction company

If you’re in St. Louis, and you're looking to remodel or build a home, we invite you to explore what Novaris Design & Construction can create  for you. As a full service remodeling and construction company, we’ll get to know you. What do you want in your home? How do you and your family want to live there? and how can the space can best function to meet your family's needs? Don’t know exactly what you want, or how to mesh styles? That’s OK too. We can help you articulate that. Not sure exactly what’s possible in the space you already have? We’ve got you covered there too.

The Novaris team can help you dream  and imagine a home that works well for you and is a beautiful space that you’re proud to call home.


We serve clients in many areas of town, including St. Louis City (where we know the ins, the outs, and the unique styles and personalities of each neighborhood), historic areas of town including Webster Groves, Kirkwood, and Clayton, as well as newer communities in West St. Louis County and St. Charles County. We bring unique style, size, and character to each home we serve. Our process is to develop a design that best suits the home and your needs.

In our project gallery, you’ll visually explore many of the homes we’ve built and remodeled over the years. It’s here that we invite you to become inspired and begin to see the possibilities for your own home. We look forward to imagining the possibilities together .



Kitchen Renovation

No matter how big or small your home is, it’s often said that everyone always ends up in the kitchen. That’s why it’s called the “heart of the home.” It’s where meals are prepared, children do their schoolwork, friends gather over a cup of coffee, and grandpa reads the morning paper. Iconic scenes? Yes, but they’re alive and well in every home. That’s why the design, function, flow, and quality construction in a kitchen are so important.


Novaris Design & Construction will help you envision life in your ideal kitchen. We will execute the project from start to finish in an organized and transparent way to give you a room you’ll be proud to call the heart of your home.

Bathroom Renovation

An ideal bathroom combines an inviting atmosphere with durable, quality fixtures and finishes you can count on. Whether it’s a hall bath for the kids or guests, or a spacious master bath, some consider the bathroom an oasis and an escape from the commotion of the rest of the house. Others value it for its' simple function and safety it can provide. Regardless, you want a bathroom you can feel comfortable in. We want to design a bathroom that provides quality construction and carefully selected materials that will serve you well for many years to come. The Novaris Design & Construction team can deliver the confidence of the perfect bathroom to your home.



Perhaps you’ve outgrown your home, or maybe you just dream of having extra space for living or entertaining. If you think your only option is moving into a larger house, think again! You can transform your house by adding the space you need while staying in the area you love. From room additions to adding an entire second story to your home, Novaris can give you the extra room to meet your family's needs.

Cabinetry & Woodwork

The perfect finishing touch in any home is the cabinetry and woodworking. It can set the style for the room, create extra detail and warmth, and add unique features to your home. That’s why custom cabinetry and woodworking hold a special place in the Novaris team’s service offerings. Founder Jason Hagen isn’t just a skilled designer and builder, he’s also a master craftsman. He's able to envision and execute those important finishing touches for you. Whether it be custom molding, built-ins, or even furniture. It’s that artistic side that enables Novaris to make your home truly and uniquely yours.

Home Building

Few firms can say they excel at both remodeling and building a new home from the ground up. After all, they’re both very different processes and must be managed accordingly. Novaris Design & Construction is proud to have extensive experience in home building as well as remodeling and renovation. We can build on your lot based on your plans, or help you develop your custom plans. We also have a series of spec homes we build throughout the year, so there may be a new Novaris home ready for you to move into.

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